Understanding the Walmart Price Matching Policy


Saving money these days is more than possible if you shop at Walmart. As you know Walmart is one of the biggest retailers. Its customer service is top-notch. Furthermore, you can expect to save more at Walmart than other retailers.

That’s because Walmart has committed to offering competitive prices. Moreover, you can also get a better shopping environment and assisting staff. To save money at Walmart, you must understand the Walmart Price Matching Policy.

We have provided all the details below. Make sure to read them before you shop at Walmart. Let’s get on with it.

Walmart Price Matching Policy

Walmart’s price matching policy is a bit different depending on whether you’re shopping in-store or online. Here’s a breakdown:


In-Store Price Matching

Walmart does not currently price match competitors’ prices in-store. This means they won’t lower the price of an item to match the price you found at another store, whether it’s online or brick-and-mortar.

Walmart will, however, match its online price if you find the same item cheaper on at the time of purchase. To get the price match, you’ll need to inform the associate at checkout.

Online Price Matching

In case of online price matching, Walmart will price match select online retailers for items purchased on The list of eligible retailers is subject to change and is not publicly available.

To get a price match online, you can email or call customer service with the link to the lower price. During checkout, you can also include the link in the “Coupon Codes and Special Instructions” field.

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Walmart Price Matching Limitations

Here is the list of exclusions and limitations for Walmart Price Matching. We have mentioned them for both online and in-store.



Remember, there are some exceptions to the in-store price match policy:

  • Items purchased from third-party sellers on are not eligible.
  • Clearance items, open-box items, and items with missing parts are not eligible.
  • Daily deals and flash sales are not eligible.


Similar to the in-store policy, there are some exceptions to the online price match policy:

  • The item must be the same, including brand, model, size, color, etc.
  • Moreover, the item must be currently in stock at the competitor retailer.
  • The competitor’s price must be advertised online and include all shipping, handling, and processing fees.

Tips For Walmart Price Matching

Even though Walmart’s in-store price matching is limited, there are still ways to maximize your savings with their online price match and some general strategies. Here are some tips:


Walmart Online Price Matching

Before heading to, check competitor websites for the same item you’re looking for. Focus on reputable online retailers with a good track record.

  • Ensure the item on the competitor’s website is identical to the one you want on This includes brand, model, size, color, quantity, and even packaging. Any variation could disqualify it for price matching.
  • Take screenshots of the competitor’s product page showing the price, availability, and details like shipping costs. You might also need the retailer’s URL and date when requesting the price match.
  • You can request a price match online during checkout by adding the competitor’s link in the “Coupon Codes and Special Instructions” field. Alternatively, email or call customer service with the information.
  • If your first request is denied, politely explain your case and provide all the necessary evidence. Sometimes, customer service agents may need to verify details before approving the match.

Other Tips

  • Since in-store matching is limited, prioritize finding lower prices online at Walmart for your in-store purchases. This is your best chance to benefit from their price match policy.
  • If the price-matched item qualifies for coupons on, you can stack the savings! Just remember to check the coupon’s restrictions as not all are compatible with price matches.
  • If you’re unsure about an item’s price, you can always check first. If it’s cheaper online, consider buying it then or heading to the store with the online price match information ready.
  • Walmart’s price match policy can change occasionally. It’s a good practice to periodically check their website or contact customer service for the latest updates.

Walmart Price Matching Support

If you have any questions or concerns related to Walmart Price Matching Policy, get assistance from their customer service department today.


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That is all with the Walmart Price Matching Policy. You can expect to get more discounts at Walmart from time to time since they offer different deals. If you have any questions related to Walmart Price Matching, you can ask them directly to Walmart Customer Service.

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