UKG Dimensions Kroger: Complete Guide for Employees (2024)


UKG Dimensions Kroger is a new HR System introduced by Kroger. It helps employees, check their work schedule, and paystubs, request time off, and do more in a single place.

You can use this Kroger UKG Dimensions Login at The login process for the UKG Dimensions Kroger Sign-in is pretty simple.

Furthermore, you can also download the Kroger UKG Dimensions App on both your Android and iOS devices for free. This will allow you to access this facility from your mobile device.

In other words, checking your Kroger Work Schedule or Paystubs will be one click away. Here are the instructions you need to follow to access your UKG Dimensions Kroger today.

What is UKG Dimensions Kroger?

Have you thought of doing all your employee tasks in a single place? Well, you could do that using the Kroger UKG Dimensions Login. It is a new HR System for Kroger Employees. You can check your Kroger Employee Schedule, and Kroger Pay Stubs, Request Time Off, Swap Shifts, Communicate with other employees, and do more.


UKG Dimensions Kroger App is also available on your mobile devices. You can use it on both iOS and Android.

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Kroger UKG Dimensions Requirements

Want to access Kroger’s new HR System? Here are the things you will need to access UKG Dimensions Kroger Login:


  • UKG Kroger EUID and Password.
  • A safe and reliable internet connection.
  • Your laptop, PC, Mobile Phone, or Tablet.
  • And link to the UKG Dimension Kroger Page:

How Do I Access UKG Dimensions Kroger?

Here are the instructions you need to follow to log in to Kroger UKG Dimension Portal:


  • Now enter your UKG Kroger EUID and Password on the website.
  • After that, click the “Sign in” button to access your account.
  • There, you can access your Kroger Schedule, pay stubs, and more.

Key Features of UKG Dimensions Kroger

Following are the tasks you could do using the Kroger UKG Dimensions Login.


  1. Check your UKG Dimensions Kroger Schedule.
  2. Access your Kroger Payroll information online.
  3. Manage your Kroger PTO ( Time Off, Sick Leave, etc).
  4. You can also swap shifts with other employees.
  5. Managers can manage all their tasks online.
  6. And do more at UKG Dimensions Kroger.

Kroger UKG Dimensions App

Want to use the UKD Dimensions on your mobile devices? Don’t worry. You can download the Kroger UKG Dimensions App on both your iOS and Android devices. Just click the link below to download the app on your relevant devices.


  • UKG Dimensions Kroger App: iOS
  • Kroger UKG Dimensions App: Android

UKG Dimensions Kroger Help

Have any questions or problems related to UKG Kroger? Reach out to the Kroger Employee Help Desk today for further assistance.

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That’s about all with UKG Dimensions Kroger Login. If you have any questions related to Kroger UKG Dimensions, then reach out to Kroger’s official help desk. For any suggestions related to this post, let us know. We will be happy to hear from you.

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