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Hollister is an American clothing brand which is famous for its trendy casual wear. This brand was launched as a more affordable version of its parent company Abercrombie and Fitch. The main target audience of Hollister is quite young specially teenagers. All of its stores carry a southern California inspired theme with blue as a dominant color and dim lighting. To meet and exceed customer expectations, Hollister conducts a Customer Experience Survey called Tell Hollister. The official survey website is www.tellhco.com where you will provide valuable feedback about your recent shopping experience. When you complete their online survey, you win an amazing discount of up to 10% on your next purchase.


Hollister Survey Rules

The following rules apply to Tell Hollister Survey:-

  • You will have to make a  purchase to take the online survey.
  • The survey is available to all legal residents of America.
  • The survey is available in these languages:-
    • English
    • Spanish
  • You must be 16 years or older to participate.
  • Employees of Hollister and affiliates cannot participate.
  • The discount offer must be redeemed within 30 days.
  • You can avail the discount offer once for every completed survey.

How to Enter Hollister Survey

The only way to participate in Tell Hollister online survey is to make a purchase from any participating Hollister store. All the information required to take the survey will be printed on your receipt.

Hollister Survey

Hollister Survey Guide | www.tellhco.com

You will visit the official survey website www.tellhco.com after making a purchase from any participating store.

The survey is available in English and Spanish.

Hollister Survey Landing Page

Enter the following info printed on your receipt:-

  • 5 digit store #
  • 4 digit register # (max)
  • 4 digit transaction # (max)
  • Date of visit

Hollister Survey Login Information

Hollister Survey Prize

  • When you complete the Tell Hollister online survey, you will receive a 16 digit validation code.
  • You can avail an amazing discount of up to 10% on your next purchase from any Hollister store.

Hollister Survey Prize Rules

  • The discount offer is valid for in-store and online purchases.
  • You can redeem this discount within 30 days from survey date.
  • Discount offer is not valid outside of the USA.
  • The max discount you can avail on the next purchase is 10%.
  • The discount is applied on your pre-tax amount.
  • Offer does not apply on following items:-
    • Gift cards
    • E-Gift cards
    • Gift wrapping
    • Shipping and handling of discount items
    • Previous purchases
    • Special offers or promo codes
  • Purchase quantities may be limited / capped for each clothing item.
  • This discount is not redeemable for cash or credit.

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Hollister Survey Questions | www.tellhco.com

Although the exact survey questions will vary depending on individual responses, the survey questions will be focused around these aspects:-

Question 1

How likely are you to recommend Hollister to someone else. You will also rate your overall satisfaction on a 10 point scale.

Hollister Survey Question 1

Question 2

You will rate the assistance offered by Hollister staff on a 5 point scale.

Hollister Survey Question 2

Question 3

You will rate certain aspects of store atmosphere and staff cooperation.

Hollister Survey Question 3

Question 4

You will rate your satisfaction with the overall shopping experience. Special focus is on product variety and availability of different sizes.

Hollister Survey Question 4

Question 5

Club Cali is a special rewards program offered by Hollister. You will confirm whether you are a member of their program or otherwise.

Hollister Survey Question 5

Question 6

If you answer the above question as a No, you will select the relevant reason for not being a member of their rewards program.

Hollister Survey Question 6

Question 7

You can share additional details of your shopping experience with the management of Hollister.

Hollister Survey Question 7

Hollister Survey Validation Code

When you have answered all the Tell Hollister survey questions, you will receive a 16 digit Validation Code. Either note this code on your receipt or take a snapshot of this code for future reference.

Hollister Survey Validation Code

How to Redeem Hollister Validation Code

  • You will visit any participating store of Hollister or their online shop.
  • This discount code is valid for a max of 30 days from date of survey.
  • Produce this survey validation code at the time of checkout.
  • You can avail an amazing pre-tax discount of up to 10% on your next purchase.

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About Hollister

About Hollister

  • Hollister is an American brand of clothing.
  • The company was founded in July of 2000.
  • Hollister was launched as a budget variant of Abercrombie and Fitch.
  • Abercrombie and Fitch is a premium clothing brand and parent company of Hollister.
  • Hollister is mainly focused on trendy and casual clothing for youngsters.
  • The brand has stores outside of America as well.
  • Hollister operates approx 578 locations till date.

You can read more about Hollister on Wikipedia.

Hollister Survey Useful Links

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The next time you shop super trendy clothes at Hollister, remember to take their online Customer Experience Survey called Tell Hollister. Visit the official survey website www.tellhco.com and give valuable feedback about your recent shopping experience. When you complete the Hollister online survey, you can avail an amazing discount of up to 10% on your next purchase. This is a discount offer too good to pass. Feel free to Contact Us for any further clarification or leave a Comment. We value your feedback a lot. Also let us know in the comments about any new surveys you may be interested in.