Win $500 from Tell the Bell Canada Survey by Taco Bell


Tell The Bell Canada survey by Taco Bell Canada is exclusively for people living in Canada. By taking this survey, you get a chance to win $500. So, why not win by taking this Customer Experience Survey at Above all, you provide valuable feedback about overall satisfaction as a customer. The company conducts an in-depth analysis of your experience and figures out ways to improve service and food quality. But what is in it for the customer’s time and effort. Well, by taking Taco Bell survey, you are included in the lucky draw where you can win cash. So stay tuned!


Guide to Tell the Bell Canada Survey

  • Taco Bell enjoys tremendous success in both America and the UK. It serves thousands of customers delicious Mexican Fast Food.
  • Taco Bell rightly decided to take the Canadian Fast Food space by storm. It was very well received by Canadians due to its unique offering.
  • Since customers in Canada have grown exponentially, Taco Bell felt the need to take valuable Customer Feedback on its food and service quality.
  • With this goal in mind, Taco Bell introduced Tell the Bell Canada Customer Experience Survey. In this way, customers not only give feedback, they also get a chance to win $500 via Sweepstakes.

What is TelltheBell Canada Survey?

The survey contains questions aimed at obtaining customer feedback on various aspects of food and service. You rate your most recent visit to any Taco Bell Canada restaurant mainly on food and service quality.

How is Tell the Bell Canada Survey helpful

  • Some areas of customer experience need to be improved so that overall satisfaction levels can be maintained and improved.
  • Taco Bell also highlights weak areas through this survey and continuously resolves them.

What aspects are covered in TelltheBell Canada Survey

  • Food Quality
  • Whether you got exactly what you ordered
  • Taste of Food
  • Speed of Service
  • Cleanliness of restaurant and surroundings
  • Peaceful environment
  • Was the staff cooperative or not?

Tell the Bell Canada Survey Rules

  • You should be a resident of Canada.
  • Min age should be 18 years.
  • A valid restaurant receipt.

How to enter in Taco Bell Canada Survey

  • After you have a valid Taco Bell Canada receipt, you can take the survey online.
  • Just visit, you will land on survey page for Canadian residents.


Tell the Bell Canada Survey Landing Page
  • All info required to start the survey in on your restaurant bill:
    1. Store Number
    2. Date of Visit
    3. Time
    4. Order #
Tell the Bell Canada Restaurant Receipt

Let’s move on with Taco Bell Canada Survey 

If you have a valid Taco Bell Canada receipt, then:

  • Visit the official website
  • When you have provided the info of receipt, the survey will start and won’t take more than 2 minutes.

Entry Periods for Tell the Bell Canada Survey

  • Tell the Bell Canada Customer Experience Survey has a total of 7 Entry Periods in a year.
  • The sweepstakes begin in June of each year and end on 31st December of each year.
  • Each entry period has a starting and ending date.
  • The lucky draw is held a few days after close of each entry period.
  • 1 entry is allowed for each entry period.
  • If you are not successful in an entry period, you will not be carried over to the next entry period.

TelltheBell Canada Entry Periods Schedule for each Year

Keep a close eye on these entry periods and their draw dates to maximize your chances of winning.

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More details of Tell the Bell Canada Survey

Don’t worry, we will cover each and every detail related to famous fast food chain Taco Bell. Some additional guidelines are:

  • Anyone found violating survey rules may be blacklisted.
  • Once blacklisted, the person cannot take part in the survey.
  • Tell The Bell Canada Survey is open for all residents of Canada.
  • You can enter in Sweepstakes once in each Entry Period.
  • Completing Tell the Bell Canada Survey Sweepstakes gives you a chance to win $500.
  • You have to give answers honestly.
  • Taco Bell officials monitor your feedback.
  • Your suggestions will be duly considered by Taco Bell’s team.

Requirements for TelltheBell Canada Survey

  1. Receipt of Taco Bell Canada.
  2. Smartphone or PC with internet.
  3. Basic know how of English Language.

Step by Step guide to Tell the Bell Canada Survey

You will be asked the following questions which will not take more than 2 minutes.

Tell the Bell Canada Survey Questions

1st Question:-

  • You have to rate the satisfaction level at Taco Bell.
  • You have options like Highly Satisfied, Satisfied, Neutral, Dissatisfied, Highly Satisfied.

2nd Question:-

  • 2nd Question covers food, service quality and environment of Taco Bell outlet.
  • You have to rate the following aspects:-
    • Appearance of ordered food.
    • How was the overall cleanliness.
    • Service quality concerning order delivery.
    • Serving quantity.
    • The level of staff friendliness and cooperation.

3rd Question:-

Next, you have to answer about the portion size.

  • How does the food you ordered look?
  • Was the topping sufficient?
  • How was the quantity of steak, chicken or beef.
  • Did cheese quantity meet your expectations?

4th Question:-

  • This question asks if you were not satisfied with any aspect of service.
  • You can provide feedback on any issue faced at Taco Bell in your own words.
  • This is an open ended question in which the customer can highlight any problem.

5th Question:-

Is related to the appearance of food.

  • The ingredients were too dry.
  • The packing was not excellent.
  • Taco Shell was not okay.

6th Question:-

Is about interior cleanliness.

  • Overflowing of trash cans.
  • The chairs and tables are too dirty.
  • Dirty floors.
  • Staff was wearing dirty clothes.
  • Dirty restrooms.

7th Question:-

Next question will ask about where you live.

  • Answer with yes if you are resident of the Canada.
  • Also confirm if you are above 18 years old.

8th Question:-

The Last question is about your personal information.

  • First Name.
  • Last Name.
  • Contact Number.
  • E-mail

Your survey is complete and the amazing part is that this all takes less than 2 minutes.

Tell the Bell Survey for USA

If you are resident of America or Columbia, then Tell the Bell survey is suited for you. It also provides a chance to win $500 just by giving feedback.

Tell the Bell Survey for UK

This Taco Bell survey is exclusively for UK residents. Take Tell the Bell UK survey to win free food and discount coupons just by giving valuable feedback.

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Tell the Bell Canada Winners by Taco Bell

Want to see your name in the list of Tell The Bell Canada Winners? If yes, then read below.

  • Prize winners are notified using e-mail or phone.
  • You have to see the list of Tell The Bell CA winners regularly.
  • See the names of winners on the official website of Tell the Bell Canada.
  • Must respond if your name is included in the winners of sweepstakes / lucky draw.
  • If you do not respond within 3 business days, your prize is forfeited.
  • Check our detailed article on Tell the Bell Winners which will guide you along on how to view the latest list of TelltheBell Survey Winners.

Contact Taco Bell Canada for Complaints

For further details, queries or complaints, you can contact Taco Bell Customer Service. Below are the contact details.

  • Officials from Taco Bell Canada monitor all complaints.
  • Taco Bell Customer Service responds very promptly.
  • You can call at 1-866-364-0846.
  • Visit the official website at

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Taco Bell Canada is so committed to serving the needs of each market segment that it has designed an exclusive feedback survey for customers living in Canada. So, gear up for this food survey by Taco Bell Canada. If you have any query related to Tell The Bell Canada Survey, feel free to Contact Us. You can be one of the lucky winners of Taco Bell Canada Survey. Hurry up and take part in this TellTheBell Canada Survey to win $500. This is indeed a great plus when it comes to surveys; you not only provide valuable feedback rather you also win as a reward for your time and effort.