TalktoJCPenney – Take the JCPenney Survey and Win a 10% Discount Coupon


JCPenney is an American chain of department stores. Department stores not only provide convenience, they also offer good savings due to “Economies of Scale”. Despite the increasing trend of online shopping, department stores are still quite relevant as all items can’t be purchased online. To better understand consumer needs, JCPenney conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey called JCPenney Survey or TalktoJCPenney.


You will visit the official survey website and give feedback about your recent visit. As a reward, you will earn a handsome 10% discount coupon for your next visit. Each time you complete the JCPenney Survey, the discount coupon will be e-mailed to you.

JCPenney Survey Rules

The following rules apply on TalktoJCPenney survey:-

  • Purchase is required to participate in this survey.
  • The survey is available to all legal residents of America.
  • You can take the online survey in these languages:-
    • English
    • Spanish
  • You must be 18 years or older to participate.
  • There is a limit of 1 survey per household in 30 days.
  • You must complete the online survey within 7 days of purchase.
  • Employees of JCPenney and affiliates can’t participate.

How to Enter TalktoJCPenney Survey

Purchase from a participating store is required to enter the online JCPenney Survey. Each receipt is valid for 1 entry to the survey. The required info will be printed on your receipt.

JCPenney Survey

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Guide to JCPenney Survey –

Visit the official survey website, within 7 days of your visit.

Enter the 22 digit access / survey code from your store receipt.

JCPenney Survey Landing Page

You can take JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey in English or Spanish.

JCPenney Survey Questions –

Although the exact survey questions will vary depending on your individual responses, below are a few common TalktoJCPenney questions for your info:-

Question 1

How likely are you to recommend JCPenney to someone else.

TalktoJCPenney Question 1

Question 2

You will rate the overall satisfaction with JCPenney on a 5 point scale.

TalktoJCPenney Question 2

Question 3

You will rate a few aspects of product and service quality on a 5 point scale.

TalktoJCPenney Question 3

Question 4

You will rate the quality of products and value for money at JCPenney.

TalktoJCPenney Question 4

Question 5

Did you face any problem during this visit to JCPenney.

TalktoJCPenney Question 5

Question 6

Did the staff of JCPenney greet, thank and help you on this visit.

TalktoJCPenney Question 6

Question 7

You will select all the departments of JCPenney that you visited.

TalktoJCPenney Question 7

Question 8

You will provide your e-mail address to receive the JCPenney discount coupon. You may also subscribe to promotions and special offers from the brand.

TalktoJCPenney Question 8

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When TalktoJCPenney Survey is Complete

When you have answered all the JCPenney Survey questions and provided your e-mail, you will receive a discount coupon. The coupon will be emailed to you within 24 hrs of completing the survey.

JCPenney Survey is Complete

How to Redeem JCPenney Discount Coupon

  • In order to avail the discount coupon, you will visit any participating store.
  • You must redeem this offer within 30 days of initial purchase.
  • Then, you will produce both the receipt and coupon code.
  • After due verification, you will get 10% Off on your next purchase.
  • Each redemption code is valid for only 1 person.

JCPenney Survey Prize –

The good thing about Talk to JCPenney prize is that each time you complete this online survey, you will surely win a 10% discount coupon for your next visit.

There is a limit of 1 survey per household over a period of 30 days.


TalktoJCPenney Prize Rules

  • Offer can be availed only at participating locations of JCPenney.
  • You can use the discount coupon for online purchases as well.
  • Offer can’t be combined with other coupons.
  • Certain departments or brands are excluded from this discount.
  • You can combine this coupon with earned JCPenney rewards.
  • The discount coupon cannot be used on account.
  • You can’t redeem the coupon for cash.

About JCPenney

About JCPenney

  • JCPenney is an American chain of department stores.
  • It was started in 1902 by James Cash Penney which was shortened to JCPenney.
  • The store chain operates around 865 locations.
  • JCPenney also operates stores in Puerto Rico.
  • The brand also has an e-commerce store for online shoppers.

You can read more about JCPenney on Wikipedia.

JCPenney Survey Useful Links

  • Brand website:-
  • Survey Websites:-

The next time you shop at JCPenney, keep your receipt handy. You must participate in JCPenney Survey and give your valuable feedback. Just visit and once you complete their Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will receive a discount coupon via e-mail. You will get a handsome 10% discount coupon for your next visit.

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JCPenney Survey discount coupon is valid for both in-store and online purchases. You may Contact Us for any further clarification or questions. Also let us know about any new surveys you would like us to present for you. Your feedback is always welcome. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and colleagues please.