Kroger Payday: When You Get Paid, Pay Options, & Early Access


If you’re a Kroger employee, understanding your Kroger pay schedule is essential. Knowing when you’ll receive your Kroger payday, how to set up Kroger direct deposit, and where to access your Kroger paystub will ease your financial management. Luckily, Kroger offers various pay options, including the flexible on-demand service Kroger DailyPay. For those without traditional banking, Kroger Money Services provides solutions like check cashing.

When Do Kroger Employees Get Paid?

  • Kroger employees generally follow a weekly pay schedule.
  • This means you’ll receive your paycheck every Friday for the work performed during the previous week.
  • Important Note: Check with your local store or HR department for precise pay periods and dates, as there may be minor variations between different store locations.

How to Access Your Kroger Pay

Direct Deposit:

    • Direct deposit is the most convenient and secure way to receive your Kroger pay.
    • To set it up, you’ll need to provide your bank account information (account number and routing number) to your HR department or access your employee portal.
    • Benefits of direct deposit include immediate access to funds on payday, no risk of lost or stolen checks, and a more eco-friendly payment system.

Pay Stubs:

    • Kroger offers convenient online access to your pay stubs through their employee portal (
    • On your portal, navigate to the “Payroll” or “Earnings” section. Here you’ll find all your current and past pay stubs.
    • Online pay stubs provide detailed breakdowns of your wages, taxes, deductions, and benefits contributions.
    • Option: If you prefer, your store may offer the option of receiving physical pay stubs.

Kroger Pay Card (If applicable):

    • Some Kroger locations offer the option of a Kroger Pay Card for employees who don’t have a bank account.
    • Your wages are loaded directly onto the pay card, which functions like a debit card.
    • Check with your store’s HR to learn if this is available and how to use the Kroger Pay Card.

Kroger’s Early Pay Option: DailyPay

What is DailyPay?

    • DailyPay is a service that partners with Kroger to provide employees access to their earned wages before their regular payday.
    • It’s not a loan, but an on-demand pay service. This means you’re accessing the money you’ve already worked for, not borrowing against future income.

How Does DailyPay Work with Kroger?

  1. Enrollment: You can sign up for DailyPay through the Kroger Express HR portal or the DailyPay app.
  2. Build Your Pay Balance: Each day you work, your earned wages are added to your DailyPay Pay Balance.
  3. Transfer Funds: You can transfer available funds from your Pay Balance to your bank account, debit card, or pay card when you need them. There are fees for transfers, depending on the speed.
  4. Transfer Limits: There may be limits on how much of your Pay Balance you can transfer in a given day. Check DailyPay’s terms for details.

Benefits of DailyPay for Kroger Employees

    • Flexibility: Access your money when you need it, rather than waiting for a scheduled payday. This is particularly helpful for unexpected expenses or budgeting needs.
    • Financial Control: DailyPay can help with financial planning by giving you more control over when you access your earnings.
    • Avoids High-Interest Borrowing: DailyPay can help avoid resorting to payday loans or credit card debt when you’re faced with a financial emergency.

Additional Kroger Payday Resources

  • Kroger Employee Payday Website: Access your payroll information, update direct deposit, and more on the official Kroger SecureWEB login portal:
  • Kroger Money Services:
    • For employees without bank accounts, Kroger Money Services offer options like:
      • Paycheck Cashing: Cash your Kroger paycheck conveniently at your store.
      • Money Orders: A secure way to send and receive money.
  • Kroger Pay on the App:
    • The Kroger app does allow you to view your paystubs and potentially manage other aspects of your pay. However, the exact features available may vary. Check in the “My Account” or “Payroll” section of your app for specifics, or contact Kroger HR support for more details.