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Invest in Yourself and Your Career with Kroger’s Feed Your Future ProgramEducation Support

Empower your future with the Kroger Feed Your Future Program, a comprehensive initiative designed to support Kroger employees in achieving their educational goals. Whether you’re looking to earn a GED, certificate, degree, or professional certification, this program offers a variety of financial assistance options to help you afford your education.

Key benefits include:

  • Tuition reimbursement: Get reimbursed for a portion of your eligible tuition costs after successful completion of your course.
  • Scholarships: Apply for the Kroger Scholarship Program and receive scholarships of up to $21,000 to cover educational expenses.
  • Educational counseling: Access personalized guidance from experienced counselors to help you choose the right program and navigate the application process.
  • Flexible options: The program supports a wide range of educational pursuits, including online and part-time programs, to fit your busy schedule and work experience.
  • Course relevance: Focus on areas relevant to your current role or career aspirations with approval from HR.

Ready to get started? Visit to explore your options and submit your application. You can also download the Kroger reimbursement request form for detailed instructions.

Don’t wait! Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to invest in your education and advance your career with Kroger. With the Feed Your Future Program, your initial investment of $500 can unlock a world of possibilities.

Additional relevant information:

  • Open to both full-time and part-time Kroger employees.
  • Program details and eligibility requirements may vary by location.
  • Check the official website for the latest updates and program information.

Kroger Tuition Reimbursement Requirements

Following are the Kroger Tuition Reimbursement Eligibility Guidelines that must be followed.


  • Kroger’s Feed Your Future Program is only available to Kroger Co. employees.
  • To apply for Kroger Tuition Reimbursement, you must’ve worked for at least 6 months.
  • Furthermore, you need to choose a Degree that Kroger Feed Your Future Program supports.
  • More so, to apply, you will need to get approval from your branch’s HR Department.
  • You will also need your Proof of employment at Kroger to enroll in the program.

How to Apply for Kroger Feed Your Future?

Want to enroll in the Feed Your Future Scholarship Program? Follow these steps.


  • First, you need to choose the school or university from which you want to get your degree.
  • Kroger partners with Western Governors University (WGU), Eastern Kentucky University, and some other institutions.
  • To see the complete list, you can visit Kroger’s Official website, or get the list from your Kroger HR Department.
  • After you’ve selected the school or university, visit their website or contact their admission department to apply.
  • Once you’re accepted into your chosen program, you’ll receive instructions on accessing the scholarship application portal.
  • Now complete the Kroger Tuition Reimbursement Application, and submit it on the scholarship portal.

Covered Expenses in Kroger Tuition Reimbursement

Kroger Feed Your Future Scholarship offers up to $21,000 for both part-time and full-time associates. This encourages lifelong learning for Kroger associates, allowing everything from GEDs to Ph.D. degrees. Furthermore, to get you a headstart, you can get $500 upfront for the application process and buying books that you need.


So, if you are a part-time employee or a full-time employee, don’t worry. Because Kroger’s Tuition Reimbursement Program allows every associate to complete their educational journey.

Kroger Employee Benefits

If you want to know about the Kroger Employee Benefits, then we have written detailed content on it. Just click the link below and you will access the Kroger Employee Discounts page. By accessing that page, you will know about all the benefits you will get by Working at Kroger.


Furthermore, to get the benefits easily, you should access the Kroger Employee Benefits Login. That is why we have linked the Kroger Employee Benefits Login page as well. Make sure to click the link below to access the page. Then follow the steps on the page to access the portal successfully.

Kroger Employee Scholarship FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions related to Kroger Tuition Reimbursement:


Does Kroger Pay for College?

Yes, Kroger does pay for college. To get Kroger Tuition Reimbursement for college, apply for the Kroger Feed Your Future Program today. But remember, getting a fully-funded scholarship can only be possible in exceptional cases. Most of the time, you will get a part of your college fee paid by your employer.

How much does Kroger reimburse?

Throughout your employment, you can get up to $21,000 from Kroger’s Tuition Reimbursement Program.

What Degrees does Kroger reimburse?

Kroger is affiliated with Western Governors University (WGU), Eastern Kentucky University, The University of Phoenix, Ashford University, Purdue University Global, and Arizona State University. To know whether your program is supported or not, you can get in touch with your Kroger HR Department.

Kroger Tuition Reimbursement Support

If you have any questions regarding the Kroger Feed Your Future Program, then reach out to the Kroger Support Department.


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