Kroger Culture: Company Values, Employee Growth & Community


At The Kroger Family of Companies, our people are the foundation of our strength. With diverse backgrounds and life experiences, they weave a tapestry of warmth, compassion, unity, and innovation. Together, we aim to serve millions of people who are hungry every day, but for what exactly?

  • Are they seeking better health and improved quality of life?
  • Are they searching for happiness and relief from life’s burdens?

Our more than 450,000 employees strive to create a positive customer experience in everything they do, whether it’s through:

  • Designing and producing innovative products
  • Marketing our offerings effectively
  • Ensuring well-stocked and organized shelves
  • Providing friendly and efficient checkout services
  • Delivering items straight to customers’ doors
  • Managing operations for seamless experiences

At Kroger, we understand that people want to be happy and thrive, and we’re dedicated to making that possible for our customers and employees alike.


The Kroger Family of Companies is changing how people shop for groceries by selling anything, anytime, anywhere in their stores, at pickup lanes, and through automated delivery vehicles. Kroger is more than just your average grocery store. They are at the top of technology, talent, and rewards, giving every employee a promising career path.

Culture In The Workplace At Kroger

The company’s stated purpose is brief and to the point. That means the corporation has yet to go public with its views and stances through lengthy speeches and conversations with the general public and key stakeholders. The vision statement needs to be concise and clear. The mission and future goals of the company should be outlined. That will clarify the company’s philosophy and strategy to those who matter.

Three Levels Of A Company’s Culture

If an organization’s culture is shown in a circle, it will have three layers. The artifacts will be on the outside, the values and beliefs in the middle, and the assumptions on the inside.  Its organizational culture can be looked at on three levels:

How Kroger’s Organization Works

The most visible part of the organizational culture circle is the artifacts. The artifacts are the parts of Kroger’s corporate culture that can be seen and touched. Some examples of artifacts are an open-door policy, setting up the office, and how employees should dress. Even though Kroger’s cultural artifacts are easy to see from the outside, they take time to understand.

Values That Are Part Of Kroger’s Corporate Culture

It takes work to see what the core values are. The core values of Kroger are the goals, rules, and standards that everyone agrees on. Some core values include accountability, diversity, quality, working together, passion, integrity, and leadership. Kroger’s management knows how important it is to share the company’s core values so that each employee can accept them and act in a way that reflects them.

Assumptions In The Organizational Culture Of Kroger

Assumptions are deeply ingrained ideas and philosophies that makeup Kroger’s corporate culture. Most employees don’t know about these underlying assumptions, but they are a big part of how core values and visible behaviors are made.

Why Is It Important To Know The Culture Of An Organization?

It is essential to understand organizational culture because, in today’s business world, corporate culture is a big part of getting ahead of the competition. Kroger’s organizational culture ensures that all employees work toward the same goal, which aligns with the more prominent corporate destination. Kroger’s employees can put their efforts in the right direction, do their best work, and be firmly committed to the company because their behaviors, goals, and deeply held beliefs are all aligned.

The main reasons to understand organizational culture are:

  • It can be used as a strategic tool to figure out how willing Kroger is to change;
  • It shows how employees feel about Kroger’s work culture
  • It can help Kroger figure out where the actual work culture differs from what they want it to be.

Responsibility To Society

The company’s primary goal, “To Feed the Human Spirit,” inspired the Zero Waste social impact plan. This bold initiative, which started in 2017, grew out of a strategic look at what was true to their past as a grocery store and how they could drive positive change in their communities in a unique way.


Zero Waste takes on an absurdity at the heart of the U.S. food system: About 40% of the food made in the U.S. is wasted, but 1 in 8 people in the country goes hungry. The Kroger Family of Companies is setting big goals, making the most of their charity work and community outreach, and bringing their partners along because they can’t do it alone.

Kroger Evolves As A Result Of Innovative Culture

According to Mike Donnelly, Kroger’s executive vice president and chief operations officer,

“ The firm believes that everyone, regardless of who they are, where they buy, or what they like to eat, should have access to fresh, affordable, and good food. “Our team is in a position to deliver fresh — for everyone” because of Kroger’s diverse assets.

Two years ago, the business created Restock Kroger in response to the rapidly evolving grocery market, which was rendering the company’s tried-and-true techniques obsolete. The initiative was designed to give Kroger an edge in a market where more retailers drink dollars and where e-commerce and digital technology alter consumers’ perceptions of grocery shopping. It is based on four pillars:

  • They are redefining the food and grocery customer experience.
  • Expanding partnerships to create customer value.
  • Developing talent.
  • Living Kroger’s purpose.

Diversity, Fairness, and Including

At Kroger, we are like the communities we serve and create a culture that gives everyone the freedom to be themselves. We’re committed to bringing together our people, passion, size, and resources to change our culture, and we want to inspire collaboration as we work together to feed the human spirit. As we work to make our culture more welcoming, different people take different steps in the same direction.

Chances to Get Ahead

We help our employees plan for the future by giving them the tools they need to make their recipe for success. In addition to a generous benefits package and competitive pay, we provide our employees access to various training and education options within and outside the company. With on-the-job training and opportunities for personal growth, our employees learn a lot about our business and can move up in the company.

Internships That Help In The Long Run

Interns give us new ideas and help us keep moving forward. Our interns learn about our business by working on real projects that produce results. They can do this at any of the companies in our family. Through regular networking and career development events and a structured mentorship program, we provide exceptional opportunities to engage with senior leaders and foster professional and personal development.

FAQs Kroger Culture

How many employees work at The Kroger Family of Companies?

The Kroger Family of Companies has more than 450,000 employees working together to serve millions of people every day.

What are the main goals of Kroger employees in their daily work?

Kroger employees aim to create a positive customer experience by designing and producing innovative products, marketing offerings effectively, ensuring well-stocked and organized shelves, providing friendly and efficient checkout services, delivering items straight to customers' doors, and managing operations for seamless experiences.

How does Kroger ensure a diverse and inclusive work environment?

Kroger values the diverse backgrounds and life experiences of its employees, creating a tapestry of warmth, compassion, unity, and innovation. The company fosters a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion, promoting collaboration and understanding among its workforce.

What are some ways that Kroger works to improve customers' quality of life?

Kroger is dedicated to helping customers achieve better health, happiness, and relief from life's burdens through the provision of innovative products, efficient services, and seamless shopping experiences.

How does Kroger support its employees in providing excellent customer service?

Kroger empowers its employees with the necessary tools, training, and support to excel in their roles, ensuring they can effectively contribute to a positive customer experience in all aspects of the company's operations.

Does Kroger offer delivery services for customer convenience?

Yes, Kroger provides delivery services to bring items straight to customers' doors, adding to the convenience and seamless shopping experience they strive to create.

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