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KFC is an international chain of fast food restaurants. The words KFC and fried chicken are almost synonyms. Without changing its legendary items, the brand keeps introducing new menu items for each individual country. To keep its millions of customers across Britain craving for more, KFC UK conducts a Guest Experience Survey called KFC UK Survey or KFC Visit.

You will visit the official survey website and give feedback about your recent dining experience. Each time you complete the online survey, you will win free food on your next visit. In some cases, you may receive a cash discount of up to 15% on your next purchase. 

KFC UK Survey Rules

The following rules apply to KFC Britain Guest Experience survey:-

  • Purchase is required to participate in this survey.
  • The survey is open to all legal residents of Britain.
  • You can take the survey in English only.
  • The survey must be completed within 3 days of visit.
  • You must be 18 years or older to take this survey.
  • Each receipt is valid for 1 guest survey.
  • Fresh purchase is required to redeem the offer.

KFC UK Survey

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How to Enter KFC UK Survey

Purchase from a participating KFC restaurant is required to enter the online survey. Each receipt is valid for 1 entry to the feedback survey. To take the Your KFC survey, all the required info will be printed on your receipt.

Guide to KFC UK Survey |

Visit the official survey website, within 3 days of your visit.

You will enter the following info printed on your receipt:-

  • Store number
  • Date of visit
  • Time
  • Order number

KFC UK Survey Landing Page

The KFC UK Guest Experience survey is available only in English.

KFC UK Survey Questions |

Although the exact survey questions will vary depending on your individual responses, here are a few common survey questions for your info:-

Question 1

What type of order did you place at KFC.

KFC UK Survey Question 1

Question 2

How did you place your order with KFC.

KFC UK Survey Question 2

Question 3

You will rate the overall satisfaction with KFC Britain on a 5 point scale.

KFC UK Survey Question 3

Question 4

You will rate the satisfaction with a few aspects of food and service quality.

KFC UK Survey Question 4

Question 5

Which of the following food items had the greatest effect on your rating of KFC.

KFC UK Survey Question 5

Question 6

Did you face any problem during your visit to KFC Britain.

KFC UK Survey Question 6

KFC UK Survey is Complete

When you have answered all the Your KFC Survey questions, you will receive a 5 digit validation code. You will write this code on the receipt used to take the online survey.

KFC UK Survey Validation Code

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How to Redeem Your KFC Validation Code

  • In order to redeem KFC UK validation code, you will go to any participating restaurant.
  • You should redeem this offer within 14 days of initial purchase.
  • You will produce both the KFC UK receipt and the 5 digit validation code.
  • After due verification, you will receive either of these 2 offers:-
    1. Free food / KFC Meal
    2. Up to 15% off on next purchase
  • Each redemption code is valid for only 1 person.
  • Fresh purchase is required to redeem this offer.
  • The offer may vary depending on restaurant location and availability of menu items.
  • For exact details of the offer, just visit your nearest participating KFC UK restaurant.

KFC UK Survey Prize |

The good thing about KFC UK Guest Experience survey prize is that each time you complete their online survey, you will surely win a delicious free meal on your next visit.

In some cases, you may receive a handsome 15% off on your next purchase. To avail this offer, a minimum fresh purchase will be required. 

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About KFC United Kingdom

About KFC UK

  • KFC is an American chain of fast food restaurants.
  • It is an international brand with thousands of locations across the world.
  • When KFC went international, Britain was among the first countries to open its locations.
  • The first ever overseas branch of KFC was opened in Lancashire, England.
  • KFC UK has almost 800 restaurants across Great Britain.

You can read more about KFC on Wikipedia.

KFC UK Survey Useful Links

  • Brand website:-
  • Survey Website:-

The next time you enjoy the “Finger Lickin Good” food of KFC at any of their UK restaurants, remember to take their online Guest Experience Survey. The official survey website is where you can provide feedback about your recent visit. Each time you complete their online survey, you will win a delicious a free meal or up to 15% off on the next purchase. 

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