How to Quit Your Job at Kroger in 2023?


If you are an employee at Kroger and want to quit your job because of school, family, or any other personal reasons, and want to know the process, then you are in the right place.

As you know, Kroger is a retail giant in the United States. Getting a job at Kroger is pretty easy. In case, you want to quit, you need to follow up on several things beforehand.

The main question that is asked is “How to Quit From Kroger?”. To answer that question, you need to read the step-by-step process given below.

How to Quit From Kroger?

If you want to quit your job at Kroger, then the first thing you need to do is to give a two weeks notice in advance. Because it is necessary, in case your absence disrupts workflow.

Furthermore, you should then submit a resignation letter addressed to the HR Department stating the reason or cause of your resignation to your manager.

Who Should I Contact to Quit My Job at Kroger?

To quit your job at Kroger, you need to contact your Kroger Branch Manager two weeks before your resignation. It leaves a good impression to inform the company beforehand.

After that, you can follow up with an email and a resignation letter that states your last day at Kroger. More so, you need to submit that to your Kroger Branch Manager.

Moreover, to make things easier for them, give a copy of your resignation letter to the HR Department as well.

Is It Necessary To Give Two Weeks Notice at Kroger?

Yes. Because like any other company, Kroger also requires a two weeks notice. This will allow them to fill your spot after you quit the job.

Furthermore, you can also get a reference if you are moving to a new job by doing so. And if you don’t give a two weeks notice in advance, you may not get hired by Kroger in the future.

How to Give Two Weeks’ Notice at Kroger?

If you want to give two weeks’ notice in advance, the first thing you should do is contact your Kroger Branch Manager. After giving him/her verbal notice, you can follow up with a written notice as well.

Moreover, by giving a written document, you will act more professionally, and will also make their jobs easier. So make sure to do it.

Other than that, you should mention your exact last day in the notice, so the manager can manage the work at hand without disrupting the workflow.

Can You Get Rehired at Kroger After you Quit?

If you leave your job at Kroger without creating any commotion or issues and follow the proper steps, you can get rehired at Kroger in the future.

But there are also cases of employees leaving the company due to poor pay, excessive workload, bullying, and such. In that case, it depends on the employee.

Because it reflects poorly on the company. So they would want to rehire you if you changed your mind in the future.

If you leave Kroger without any notice or following the proper steps, then your name will be included in the no-hire list in the company’s records. And this way, you won’t be able to get rehired at Kroger.

If You Leave Kroger, What Happens to Your PTO?

Before you quit your job at Kroger, you need to get your final pay and benefits entitled to you by the company. More so, you should also follow up on unused Paid Time-Off (PTO) as well.

In addition, you should get your Vacation days and PTO cashed out with your final paycheck. To do so, you need to get in touch with your Pay Clerk.

Otherwise, you won’t get paid. And remember, only the employees that are employed for a year or more are entitled to get PTO. So, make sure to confirm that as well.

How Do I Get My W2 From Kroger After Leaving?

Even if you quit your job at Kroger, the company is still obligated to send your W2 Form. You can expect to receive your Kroger W2 Form by 31st January.

Furthermore, make sure that the mailing address you provided while working at Kroger is still the same. Otherwise, you may not receive your W2 Form.

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Final Verdict

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