How Old Do You Have To Work At Taco Bell?


If you’re considering a job at Taco Bell, one of the first questions you may have is: “How old do you have to be to work at Taco Bell?” The good news is that Taco Bell provides employment opportunities for a wide range of ages. However, the minimum age requirement to work at Taco Bell varies depending on the state and location of the restaurant.

In this article, we’ll explore the age requirements for Taco Bell jobs and provide helpful tips for landing a job at this popular fast-food chain.

Taco Bell is known for more than just its namesake tacos, burritos, and nachos. It is also known for other fast food items that are inspired by Mexican food. First, it’s important to know that Taco Bell is a franchised business.

Franchisees are in charge of owning and running their locations and making regular payments to the franchisor through franchise fees, royalties, and marketing assessments. At Taco Bell, anyone of any age can do a good job.

There are a lot of ways to move up in the company and the pay is good. You do have to be at least 16 to work at Taco Bell. Many young adults get their first job at Taco Bell because they don’t have to be too old, they can choose their own hours, and they get a lot of perks and employee benefits.

What’s The Age Limit To Work At Taco Bell?

People who want to work at Taco Bell should know that the minimum age to do so is 16. To prove who they are, the application asks for the person’s age, date of birth, and photo ID.


Taco Bell often hires teenagers as Team Members, but if they prove themselves capable and take the initiative, they may be promoted to higher-paying roles. When employees turn 18, they can apply for management and other positions in the company.

How Much Do People Who Work At Taco Bell Makes?

  • The average hourly wage of a Taco Bell worker is $9.
  • A full-time worker can make about $18,720 per year.
  • Part-time jobs need 25 hours per week, and their annual salary ranges from $11,000 to $14,000.

Do Different Jobs At Taco Bell Pay Different Amounts?

  • There are different wages for the other jobs at Taco Bell.
  • Employees who perform well may be promoted to higher-paying jobs within the organization.

A List Of The Jobs And How Much They Usually Pay

Team Member

  • That is the first job you can get at Taco Bell, and it pays the least.
  • Team members can choose between full-time and part-time shifts; most start at $9 per hour.
  • After the first year, some team members get a raise and can make up to $10.70 an hour.
  • Team members can take orders, make food, and run the cash register.
  • Not only do they greet customers, but they also clean the store and the parking lot.


Some of the people who work at Taco Bell only work the cash register.

  • Cashiers work either at the front register or the drive-thru register, and they do not have to do much else than their counterparts on the team.
  • They learn how to use the register and fix it if something goes wrong.
  • They can ring up orders, make changes, give refunds, and change how directives are made.
  • They can also get change from the cash registers.
  • Their average hourly wage is about $10.35.

Shift Lead:

The people in charge of a shift do a lot of the same things that team members do, but they also have some extra jobs to do.

  • As needed, they help out other team members.
  • If a worker doesn’t show up or has to leave early, the person in charge of the shift will take over.
  • When a manager isn’t around, the shift lead may also be in charge and be in the order of the other team members.
  • If there is a problem, the shift lead takes care of it.
  • They also check the kitchen, the parking lot, and the restaurant to ensure they are clean and make specific customers happy with their experience.

Shift Manager

The supervisor for each shift is the shift manager.

  • Managers need to know how to run every part of the restaurant.
  • They must know how to run the cash register, make food, help other workers do their jobs, and keep customers happy.
  • Managers also make schedules, plan for holidays, help process payments, and sometimes fill in for employees who need to show up.
  • Their hourly rate ranges from $17 to $21 based on their expertise and productivity.

Assistant General Manager

  • A store’s assistant general manager could help oversee multiple locations within a city or region.
  • They do many of the same things as a shift manager, but they have to keep track of and supervise many more people.
  • They also keep in touch with the restaurant’s shift managers to ensure they perform their duties and have a solid team.
  • During the week, they might go into stores and even work in some of them.
  • They usually get a salary and make between $60,000 and $80,000 a year.

General Manager

In a Taco Bell restaurant, General Manager is the top job.

  • They must do a lot of paperwork, keep books, and do physical work in restaurants.
  • They are in charge of many Taco Bells in a city or area and make regular trips to each one to check how things are going.
  • They make decisions about schedules, overtime, vacations, and new hires.
  • They also help team members get the proper training by working with them.

How Do You Get A Job At Taco Bell?

  • Anyone who wants to work at Taco Bell can fill out an application in person or at
  • You can fill out an application and give a resume.
  • The process of applying is easy and only takes a few minutes.
  • A manager will review the applications and will choose the best ones to interview.
  • The interview could take place in the restaurant or over the phone.
  • Some managers may want to talk to you twice.
  • After the interview, the manager will call you to tell you, you got the job.
  • They will also set up your training for you.

How Do The People Who Work At Taco Bell Get Paid?

Most of the time, Taco Bell pays by direct deposit. That is the easiest way for the company to pay employees, ensuring they get their money quickly and directly.


If an employee doesn’t have a bank account or would instead get paid differently, they may be able to load their pay onto a money card or get a check.

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