How Much Is a Money Order At Kroger?


How Much Is a Money Order At Kroger?

To use the Kroger Money Order Services, you need to know “How Much Is a Money Order At Kroger?”. In addition to that, you should also know the steps to process your Money Order.


We have provided all the information on the steps to process your money order. You will also know the amount it will cost you for a single Kroger Money Order.

Kroger Money Order Services

The Money Order has a fee that varies from state to state. It means if one state in the country asks for 69₵, the other state may charge more or less than the usual amount.

Furthermore, another factor that plays a role in the Money Order Fee is the amount you use for the Money Order. For a $1000 Money Order, Kroger usually charges 69₵.

If your Money Order exceeds that amount, your fee will also increase. We have provided the steps to process your Kroger Money Order below. You can follow them to get your money.

How to Process Kroger Money Orders?

If you received a Money Order and want to process it, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the Kroger Money Service Near You.
  2. Then endorse the Money Order by signing its back.
  3. You can then get the amount in cash or load it into your account.

How to Use Kroger Money Order?

  1. Go to the nearest Kroger Money Order Service.
  2. Fill out the Money Order Form to proceed further.
  3. Pay the Kroger Money Order Fee.
  4. You can then deliver your Money Order in person or by Mail.

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