How Much Does Kroger Pay?


How Much Does Kroger Pay?

If you want to work at Kroger, you need to know how much you will get for your services. We have mentioned the Kroger Employee Hourly salary below.


Make sure to give them a look before you apply for a job at Kroger. Furthermore, these salaries may vary over time, so confirm the information from another source.

Kroger Employee Hourly Salary

How Much Does Kroger Pay Retail Clerks?

If you work as a retail clerk at Kroger, you can expect to get up to $9 per hour. Although this is less than the average retail clerk wage ($9.25), it is still pretty good, considering you will also get other bonuses.

How Much Does Kroger Pay Store Managers?

Kroger Store Manager has a pretty good salary considering the work they do. They are paid up to $18.62 per hour, excluding bonuses. So if you include other perks, the Kroger Store Manager Wage is decent.

How Much Does Kroger Pay Baggage Handler?

If you want to work as a Baggage Handler at Kroger Store, you can expect up to $8 per hour. It is deficient considering the average Baggage Handler Salary ($10 per hour). But remember, you will also get additional perks while working there.

How Much Does Kroger Pay Administrative Assistants?

Kroger Administrative Assistants are paid up to $20.89 per hour, which is pretty decent. In addition to that, they will also receive other bonuses and perks as a part of their job.

For more information regarding “How Much Does Kroger Pay?”, you can contact Kroger Customer Service or HR Department.

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