How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Non-Durables?


Do you want to work in the stable “Nondurable Consumer” sector but worry that there won’t be enough jobs for you? If so, then this article has got you all covered.


The increasing growth of this sector presents a fantastic chance for individuals dreaming of being a part of this industry. So, how many employees are accessible in consumer non-durables?

Here, you will get a complete insight into the most challenging occupations in this area. In a nutshell, this article addresses any concerns you may have about working in this field.

Positive Aspects Of Working In The Consumer Nondurables Industry:

Great Starter

To figure out where you want to go in your chosen field of work, you should create a career plan, including the steps and resources you will use.  It acts as a road map that analyzes each person’s career goals and path.

One of the best parts is that people with jobs also participate. A college is an excellent place for students to start building their careers. Consequently, the potential professional understands where to go for internships, what talents to enhance, and how to fulfill their passions swiftly.

Opportunities in the Consumer Nondurable Industry

Overseas careers are offered at companies like Procter & Gamble. PepsiCo and Coca-Cola are two other notable firms that are available. Learning as much as possible about the companies you are considering working for before making a final decision is essential.

As a job seeker, you must analyze the various employment opportunities. Considering the benefits of working with P&G or PepsiCo would be an even better option.

Afterward, you’ll have to make a decision. To begin, you must first know the nature of the available employment. Most textile manufacturers use a detailed screening process. They also have jobs in a range of fields.

A Broad Variety of Positions

There are a lot of openings in the soft goods industry. Textile industry jobs come in a range of shapes and sizes. Coca-Cola, for example, has several sales and marketing options. There are also technical jobs at large soft product companies’ IT divisions. Careers in communications and human resources departments can also be found in nondurable consumers.

Hence, there is plenty of variation when it comes to occupations. You can apply for both full-time and internship roles. You can find application details on the company’s website.  Summer employment with a company that manufactures soft products can be a terrific opportunity to break in.

Adequate Placement

There are different ways to get started in the consumer non-durables field. Because they are a multi-brand firm in general, there are tiny divisions by brand. Procter and Gamble, for example, categorize their job postings into nine categories.

Growth and study:

Companies in the disposable consumer goods industry make a wide range of products, and each one has its own research and development, packaging, production, and quality control needs.

As a result, there are numerous such employments accessible in this area. The following R&D opportunities are available: Many trends in non-permanent businesses’ design, engineering, science, and sales have become apparent.

Is Consumer Non-durables A Good Career Path?

Definitely! The consumer non-durables market is booming because its products are indispensable to modern life. By assessing market growth, salary, and position, you can rest assured that consumer nondurables are a viable career route for graduates and non-graduates. You’ll have an exciting and fulfilling journey with this professional choice.

Consumer Nondurables: How Many Jobs?

Millions of people worldwide work in the consumer nondurables industry because it is one of the economy’s most rapidly expanding and stable sectors. Many of these companies are international conglomerates with headquarters in one country and local operations in others.


By compiling information from various sources and surveys, we have determined that approximately 6 million Americans are employed in the consumer nondurables industry and that there are more than 200,000 open positions at various businesses.

Some research firms that analyze the labor market have found that employment in the consumer non-durables sector is expected to grow by 8-30% in the next years.

Possibilities By The Non-durable Consumer Goods Industry

The consumer non-durables market is sizable and diverse in its job opportunities. In addition, the sector delivers lowest-paying positions like security guards to highest-paying ones like CEO.

Entry-level positions

Average salaries for entry-level positions include floor/warehouse associates/workers, gatekeepers, production technicians/machine operators, production line workers, electricians, stockers, inventory controllers, etc.

Knowledge or experience-oriented jobs

Positions such as sales executive/associate, merchandiser, data analyst, food and beverage technologist, consumer support executive/associate, technical specialist, production manager/supervisor/manager, quality control supervisor/manager, accountant, etc., typically require a bachelor’s degree but not prior work experience.

Executive or senior-level occupations

This kind of employment requires the utmost experience in the consumer nondurables industry. Brand managers, chief human resource officers, chief financial/sales/executive/information officers, directors/heads of business development, data scientists, directors of research and development, etc., are all in demand.

Future Perspective Of The Nondurables Industry

The employment market or average income is secondary; selecting a field for a solid career path is more significant. Most sectors of the economy that employ people right now are precarious.


So, a lot of people are losing their jobs. Because it produces necessities for daily living, this sector is remarkably stable. Looking at demand, market share, and economic numbers, anybody may forecast that it will grow further and offer more job chances.

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Huge market size, how many jobs are available, average pay, firm, or perks supplied yearly do not matter if you need to know how/where to start or switch the career path.

By assessing all the features, this article tries; you present an overview of working in the consumer nondurables market, as many positions are available in consumer nondurables, which is an excellent career path.

Several entry-level positions in the area are available, and the industry’s average yearly compensation is relatively high. In addition, consumer nondurable work offers a more average significant salary than any other field.

The bonuses, opportunities for advancement, and experiences offered by consumer non-durable companies can make working there an exciting and fulfilling experience.

We have provided all the information after researching it extensively. If you have any questions related to “How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Non-Durables?“, then email us at [email protected].