How Late Can You Get a Money Order at Kroger?


Are you in need of a money order but unsure about Kroger’s hours of operation? Worry no more! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how late you can get a money order at Kroger, as well as alternative options for obtaining money orders.


Kroger Money Order Services

Kroger offers its customers money order services through Western Union. You can find these services at the Customer Service Desk in most Kroger stores. To purchase a money order, you’ll need:

  • The recipient’s name
  • The amount you want to send
  • A government-issued ID
  • Cash or a debit card for payment

Kroger Storefront

Kroger’s Money Order Hours of Operation

Kroger store hours may vary depending on the location, but most stores operate between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM. However, the hours for purchasing a money order at Kroger may differ. The table below offers a general idea of Kroger’s money order service hours:

Day of WeekMoney Order Hours
Monday8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Sunday8:00 AM – 6:00 PM


To avoid any inconvenience, it’s best to contact your local Kroger store to confirm their specific money order hours.

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Alternative Money Order Options

If you’re unable to purchase a money order at Kroger, there are other alternatives:

  1. Walmart: Walmart offers MoneyGram money orders. The service hours typically range from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM, depending on the store.
  2. USPS: Postal Service offices offer money orders, and their hours typically range from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
  3. Banks and Credit Unions: Many financial institutions offer money order services to their customers. Check with your bank for availability and hours of operation.
  4. Check Cashing Stores: These businesses often provide money order services, but their fees may be higher compared to other options.

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Benefits of Using a Money Order

There are several advantages to using a money order for your financial transactions:

  • Security: Money orders are safer than sending cash or personal checks, as they require a signature from the recipient.
  • Tracking: Money orders come with a tracking number, allowing you to verify if the recipient has cashed it.
  • Widely Accepted: Money orders are accepted by most individuals and businesses, making them a versatile payment option.
  • No Bank Account Needed: Money orders can be purchased with cash or a debit card, making them accessible to those without a bank account.
  • Fixed Amount: Money orders are for a specific amount, reducing the risk of errors or disputes during transactions.

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Money Order Process

Money Order Tips and Best Practices

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience when purchasing or using a money order, keep the following tips and best practices in mind:

  1. Keep Your Receipt: Always keep your receipt when purchasing a money order. This will help you track the money order and provide proof of purchase if any issues arise.
  2. Fill Out the Money Order Promptly: Complete the money order as soon as you purchase it, including the recipient’s name, your name, and any additional information required. This will help prevent anyone from fraudulently altering the money order.
  3. Use Legible Handwriting: Write clearly and legibly to avoid any confusion or delays in processing the money order.
  4. Verify the Recipient’s Information: Double-check the recipient’s name and address before sending the money order to ensure it reaches the intended recipient.
  5. Consider Alternatives for Large Transactions: If you need to send a large sum of money, consider using a cashier’s check, wire transfer, or online payment service instead of multiple money orders.

Payment Options

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a money order cost at Kroger?

A: The fees for purchasing a money order at Kroger typically range between $0.70 and $1.50. These fees may vary depending on the location and the amount of the money order.

What is the maximum amount for a money order at Kroger?

The maximum amount for a money order at Kroger is usually $1,000. If you need to send a larger amount, consider purchasing multiple money orders or using alternative payment methods.

Can I cash a money order at Kroger?

Kroger does not generally cash money orders. You can try cashing your money order at a bank, credit union, or check-cashing store.

Can I purchase a money order at Kroger with a credit card?

No, Kroger does not accept credit cards for purchasing money orders. You'll need cash or a debit card to purchase a money order at Kroger.

Money Order Fees

In Summary

Kroger offers convenient money order services through Western Union, making it an excellent option for those who need a reliable payment method outside of traditional banking hours. Be sure to check your local store’s specific hours for money order services and explore alternative options if necessary.

Tracking Your Money Order

By following the tips and best practices outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-prepared to handle your financial transactions using money orders confidently and efficiently. Whether you’re paying bills, sending funds to a friend, or making a purchase, money orders provide a secure and widely accepted method for transferring money.

Cashing a Money Order

In conclusion, Kroger is a convenient option for purchasing money orders, especially if you need one after typical banking hours. Remember to check with your local store for their specific money order hours, and consider alternative options if needed. By understanding how late you can get a money order at Kroger and being aware of other options, you’ll be able to handle your financial transactions with ease.