How Does Kroger Pickup Work?


How Does Kroger Pickup Work?

Kroger Pickup is a service started by Kroger Co. to make the shopping experience safer for customers. They can pick up their ordered groceries from the selected location.

To know more about “How Does Kroger Pickup Work?”, read the complete details below. Kroger Grocery Pickup is unavailable in some areas, so be wary of that.

How to Use Kroger Grocery Pickup?

Follow the instructions given below to use Kroger Pickup Service today.

  • First, you should access or Kroger App on your device.
  • Login or create a new Kroger Digital Account if you don’t have an existing account.
  • Then select the Kroger Pickup Service and choose the location that works best for you.
  • Afterward, you must select the products you need to buy or search for them.
  • Add them to the cart, and don’t forget to load digital coupons if you find any.
  • Because Kroger Digital Coupons still work if you are using Kroger Pickup.
  • More so, make sure to see if the products are available for pickup & delivery.
  • After confirming, add them to the cart, and review your cart to confirm your order.
  • Go to your cart, place your order, enter your payment details, and select your pickup time slot.
  • Then you must pick up your order at the selected time and location.
  • Kroger does recommend you pick up the order in the middle of your time slot to avoid a rush.

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