Has Anyone Got Their Hourly Wage Decreased?


Kroger Employees usually get paid well, but sometimes you will see a case where an associate is not getting enough for the hard work he/she puts in. So we are discussing a question, “Has anyone got their hourly wage decreased?”.

Because we have asked this question, and the answer may surprise you. Well, most of the employees said there was no change in their hourly wage, whether it is an increment or a decrement. But some employees told us about the decrease in their wages.

The reason may be that they don’t work as hard as others. Or they may have broken some rules. But if you are one of the employees that are facing this issue without doing anything wrong, then you need to get in touch with your union.

In addition to that, you can also get in touch with Kroger’s HR Department to get assistance. But in our opinion, the union is a better option because they are a third party helping employees. Anyways, if you do want to get in touch with the Kroger HR Department, then use the phone number below.

Call this number, and explain your situation to the operator. Then your call may be transferred to the concerned department. There, answer some security questions. You will then need to follow the steps asked by the operator to fix your problem.

If you want to contact your Union department, then simply click the link below.

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