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Giant Eagle is an American chain of supermarkets. Apart from supermarkets, the company has extensive investments in many other sectors as well. It’s product range includes frozen and ready to eat food, grocery, pharmacy and much more. The other astonishing fact about Giant Eagle is that despite the vast scope of its operations, it is still a privately owned company. The supermarket chain has millions of satisfied customers across the US and to make them even happier, Giant Eagle conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey is called GiantEagleListens and the official survey website is You not only provide valuable feedback, you can also win a $2,000 Giant Eagle Store Gift Card via draw.


GiantEagleListens Survey Rules

The following rules apply to Giant Eagle survey:-

  • No purchase is required to enter Giant Eagle Sweepstakes.
  • A purchase will not increase your odds of winning.
  • Giant Eagle Survey is open to all legal residents of USA.
  • The survey is available in the following states of America:-
    • Indiana
    • Maryland
    • Ohio
    • Pennsylvania
    • West Virginia
  • You must be 18 years or older to participate.
  • The survey is available only in English.
  • Limit of 1 entry per person for each entry period.
  • Giant Eagle employees and affiliates cannot participate.

Giant Eagle Listens Entry Methods

You can enter Giant Eagle Sweepstakes using the following 2 entry methods:-

  1. Online Survey
  2. Mail-In Entry

1. Online Survey

  • To enter by this method, you will have to make a purchase from Giant Eagle.
  • If you shop online, you can still take the Giant Eagle Survey.
  • There will be a 21 Digit Survey Code on your receipt.
  • You will visit the official survey website at
  • In the survey, you will give feedback about your recent experience.
  • You will also provide the following info:-
    • Full name
    • Contact number
    • E-Mail address
  • Once you complete the online survey, you get 1 entry to the relevant entry period.

2. Mail-In Entry

  • No purchase is required for this entry method.
  • You will hand write the following info on a paper:-
    • Full name
    • Contact number
    • E-Mail address
  • Mechanically generated entries are not accepted.
  • Each entry must be posted separately.
  • You will send the mail-in entries on the following address:-

GiantEagleListens Mail-In Entry Address

Giant Eagle Customer Satisfaction “Year” Sweepstakes, 300 State St. Suite 402, Rochester, NY 14614.

Giant Eagle Survey Sweepstakes Period

The Giant Eagle Sweepstakes period starts from 1st July of each year and ends on 31st Dec each year. During this period, you can enter the sweepstakes through online survey and mail.

GiantEagleListens Entry Periods

  • There is a total of 6 entry periods during the entire sweepstakes period.
  • Duration of each entry period is 1 month.
  • There is a separate random draw for each entry period.
  • Regardless of entry method, there is a limit of 1 entry per person in any entry period.
  • Unsuccessful entries of an entry period are not carried over to the following entry period.

Giant Eagle Listens Survey Prize

  • 1 lucky winner is randomly selected from each of the 6 entry periods.
  • Total 6 winners are selected during the complete sweepstakes period.
  • Each winner will receive a $2,000 Giant Eagle Store Gift Card.
  • Limit of 1 prize per household during the sweepstakes period.
  • The survey prize is neither transferable nor exchangeable with cash.
  • You can use the gift card at participating Giant Eagle stores only.
  • The Giant Eagle Store Gift card cannot be redeemed for following items:-
    • Alcohol
    • Tobacco
    • Prescription drugs
    • Milk

How are GiantEagleListens Winners Notified

  • Winners of Giant Eagle Listens survey are notified by the following 3 methods:-
    1. Telephone
    2. E-Mail
    3. USPS mail
  • Each winner must respond to the prize notification within 3 business days.
  • If any winner fails to respond within this time, the prize is forfeit and awarded to alternate winner.
  • Each prize winner must provide an Affidavit of Eligibility within 7 days of initial notification.
  • In case such certificate is not provided, the prize is forfeit and awarded to alternate winner.

Giant Eagle Listens Winners List

You can also request for an updated list of winners of Giant Eagle Survey by sending a self addressed and stamped envelop on the following mailing address:-

ASC / Giant Eagle “Customer Satisfaction Survey “Year” Sweepstakes Winners List Request, 300 State St., Suite 402, Rochester, NY 14614.

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GiantEagleListens Survey Detailed Guide

You will visit the official survey website at

Enter the 21 Digit Survey Code printed on your receipt.


 Giant Eagle Listens Survey Questions

Although the exact survey questions will vary depending on your response, here are a few common survey questions.

Question 1

You will rate the overall satisfaction on a 5 point scale.


Question 2

Based on your experience, how likely are you to recommend the brand to someone else.


Question 3

Did you interact with any staff member of Giant Eagle.


Question 4

You will select all the departments where you visited.


Question 5

You will rate the satisfaction with certain aspects of product and service quality.


Question 6

How satisfied are you with the behavior of staff and value for money.


Question 7

This question is about the courtesy of staff.


Question 8

How likely are you to visit Giant Eagle again for groceries and supplies.


Question 9

You can suggest any improvement to the management.


Question 10

This question is focused on the checkout process.


Question 11

This question is focused on the cash counter.


Question 12

You will compare the planned purchases with what you actually purchased.


Question 13

This is an optional question in which you can specify your gender and age.


Question 14

You can opt to enter Giant Eagle Sweepstakes if you are a US resident and min 18 years old.


Question 15

If you opt to enter the sweepstakes, you will provide the following info:-

  • Full name
  • Contact number
  • E-Mail address


GiantEagleListens Survey is Complete

Once you have completed the online survey and provided the requisite info, you will receive this message as a confirmation that your name is in the Giant Eagle Sweepstakes.


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About Giant Eagle


  • Giant Eagle is a privately owned US chain of supermarkets.
  • The company was founded in 1918 and incorporated in 1931.
  • It’s stores offer food, grocery, pharmacy and much more.
  • Giant Eagle currently operates close to 471 stores in the US.
  • Since inception, many smaller store companies kept merging with Giant Eagle.

You can learn more about Giant Eagle on Wikipedia.

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Giant Eagle Listens Useful Links

Giant Eagle Official Website
Giant Eagle Survey Official Site


The next time you visit Giant Eagle between the months of July and December, don’t forget to take their Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey is called Giant Eagle Listens. You will visit the official survey website at and give your valuable feedback. During this promotion period, you can win a $2,000 Giant Eagle Store Gift Card each month. Feel free to Contact Us for any further clarification.