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Kroger is a supermarket chain founded in 1883, by Bernard Kroger. Today, it is considered the largest chain among grocery stores based on its revenue.

Furthermore, Kroger has hired more than 465,000 throughout their success, and the number is still increasing to this day. To get a job at Kroger, you need to meet some requirements.

The most common thing among those requirements is the age limit to work at Kroger. The question that is asked most of the time is “Does Kroger Hire At 14?“.

Does Kroger Hire At 14?

The answer to this question is “Yes“. But there is a catch. This is an exception in some US States. Such as Texas, Kentucky, Georgiana, etc. But there are some restrictions as well.

For a 14-year-old to work, they have a time limit. They cannot exceed that limit under any circumstances. At Kroger, they can only work for 3 hours on a school day, and on a non-school day, they can work up to 8 hours a day.

What Jobs Can a 14-Year-Old Do at Kroger?

If you want to work at Kroger as a 14-year-old, then you can get the following jobs.

  • Cashier
  • Order Puller
  • Floral Assistant
  • Bagger

Moreover, you should know that these jobs will pay, but not that much as you have flexible working hours and so. To get better-paying jobs, you need to be at least 17.

What is the Hiring Process for a 14-Year-Old at Kroger?

If you are 14 years oldĀ and want to get hired at Kroger, then follow the steps provided below.

Phase 1:

  1. The first step is to visit the Kroger Jobs website at
  2. Tap the “Apply Now” button on the homepage and you will be directed to the main page.
  3. There, enter the job title you are looking for, such as; Cashier or Bagger in the given field.
  4. After that, select the location where you want to work and click the “Go” button.
  5. Then you will see a list of all the available jobs based on your search.

Phase 2:

  1. See the requirements of the job, and if you meet them, then click “Apply Now”.
  2. You will need your Email Address and Password to sign in to the Kroger Jobs website.
  3. If you don’t have an existing account, you can create one by clicking the “Create an Account” button located below the login section.
  4. After that, you will need to provide all the required information, such as; Name, Phone Number, etc.
  5. Then upload your resume and other required documents on the website.

Phase 3:

  1. In the last phase, you need to recheck all the information you provided to avoid any issues.
  2. Furthermore, you should then submit the job application by clicking the “Apply” button.
  3. After that, you need to wait for the company’s response to know your hiring status.
  4. You can also check the status by visiting website.
  5. Click the “Check Application Status” button and provide the required information.
  6. You can then see the status of your job application whether it is approved or not.

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