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Travel is an integral part of our life. We travel for a variety of reasons such as work and recreation. Cost is often a major consideration for us. With ever increasing destinations and hospitality service providers, the entire process of choosing an appropriate hotel has become a daunting task. Well, not anymore; Choice Hotels takes care of all your travel related worries. On top of that, Choice Hotels has designed a rewards program known as Choice Privileges at This program enables you to select the hotel of your choice at the lowest possible rates.

Why prefer Choice Hotels

  • Choice Hotels has over 6,800 properties to choose from.
  • You can choose Choice Hotels across thousands of miles as it operates in USA, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and Asia Pacific.
  • It is safe to say that you will find a Choice Hotel at all major travel destinations across the globe.
  • If you desire extra privacy and perks, you can also rent exclusive properties that are listed on Choice Hotels panel.
  • When you join their Choice Privileges Program, you enjoy many additional benefits and savings.

You can read more about Choice Hotels from Wikipedia article.

What is Choice Privileges

  • Choice Privileges is a special program offered by Choice Hotels.
  • If you become a member of Choice Privileges, you are entitled to exclusive benefits.
  • Choice Privileges members will enjoy exclusive discounts on Hotels at their favorite destinations.
  • Members will also earn additional points for each $ spent during their stay at any Choice Hotel.

How to Join Choice Privileges by Choice Hotels

All you have to do is Sign-Up for the Privileges program and the awesome part is that this membership is absolutely Free. You can become a member by:-

  1. Signing-Up to the Choice Privileges program on your next Check-Out from any participating Choice Hotel.
  2. Downloading Choice Hotels mobile app (available for Apple and Android users) and Sign-Up Online for the Choice Privileges program.


Benefits of Choice Privileges

If you become a member of this program by Choice Hotels, you will enjoy the following benefits and much more:-

  • If you are a member of Choice Privileges, you will earn extra points for every $ you spend during your stay at any participating Choice Hotel.
  • You can redeem these points to avail free stays at Choice Hotels and their affiliate hotels.
  • Privileges program members are offered exclusive pricing that is even more discounted as compared to the listed rates for routine Choice Hotels customers.
  • If you are a Privileges member of, Choice Hotels provides you with a lowest price guarantee in which you are awarded a $50 Gift Card if you can find a lower listed price for a comparable hotel.
  • Choice Privileges members enjoy the added benefit of early booking which can result in even more savings.

Choice Privileges Lowest Price Guarantee

If you are a member of Choice Privileges, you are already offered a price that is discounted as compared to non-member customers of Choice Hotels. In addition to this, Choice Hotels management is so confident in its claim of lowest price that it guarantees this. Well, all you have to do is find an online listing that is offering a lower price with the same facilities and amenities. If you can find such a listing, Choice Hotels will:-

  1. Match its offer with the lowest listing that you have highlighted during the online search.
  2. If you are staying in USA or Canada, you will be provided a $50 Gift Card that you can spend the way you like.
  3. For all other Choice Hotel destinations, your first night stay shall be free of charge.

This is just a reflection of how serious and confident is Choice Hotels management when it claims that Choice Privileges members will enjoy the lowest price.


Choice Privileges Early Booking Savings

If you are a member of Choice Privileges, you are entitled to the option of advance booking. But how does booking in advance benefit you as a customer. Well, at Choice Hotels, if you book in advance by at least 7 days, you can enjoy additional savings of up to 20% on the already discounted rates you enjoy for being a Choice Privileges member.

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We hope this post will greatly come in handy on your next work or vacation visit. So, hurry up and become a member of Choice Privileges program by Choice Hotels at You will not only enjoy unbelievable discounts, you will have the option of early booking and more discounts. Lastly, you will earn reward points for each $ you spend during your stay at any participating Choice Hotel.