Can I use Walmart eGift Card for Gas?


Running low on fuel and have a burning question? Well, we are here to help you out. Walmart eGift Card is the topic of our attention. The question is; Can I use Walmart eGift Card for Gas?

Before we answer this question, you need to know about the Walmart eGift and where to buy one. And if can use it, how should you do it? To answer all of your questions concerning Walmart eGift Card, we have provided all the necessary details below.

Furthermore, you will also find the benefits of using Walmart eGift Card and more. So, let’s get into it.

What is the Walmart eGift Card?

A Walmart eGift card is a digital gift card that functions like a standard gift card but exists electronically instead of being a physical plastic card. You can purchase it online on Walmart’s website or through various other retailers and digital gift card platforms.


Walmart eGift Cards offer a convenient and flexible way to gift or spend money at Walmart and related stores. You will get an email with a code. That code is used to redeem the Walmart eGift Card.

Can I use Walmart eGift Card for Gas?

Yes, you can use Walmart eGift Card for gas, but with limitations. Here’s how it works:


Limitations Walmart eGift Card

  • To make this simpler, you can only use Walmart Gift Cards at Walmart Gas Station. And that is Murphy USA Station.
  • Moreover, not all Walmart Locations have Gas Stations. So, that’s another bummer for you. I know, it’s not how you thought it to be.
  • And lastly, if you are thinking of using Walmart Gift Card to purchase gas online, that is also not possible.

But don’t worry. These limitations are only applied to gas. There are plenty of other places you can use your Walmart eGift Card. Let’s see where.

Walmart eGift Card Benefits

Here are some benefits you will get by using the Walmart eGift Cards:


  • You can use the Walmart eGift card for both online and in-store purchases at Walmart.
  • Furthermore, Walmart eGift Card can also be used at Sam’s Club only by their Members.
  • More so, you can also use the Walmart eGift Card for gas a Murphy USA Pumps.
  • You can also send a Walmart eGift Card as a gift on holidays.
  • As it is not a physical gift card, you can email it to your loved ones or text them.
  • And Walmart eGift Cards do not expire (subject to certain legal restrictions).

Where to Buy Walmart eGift Card?

Want to buy a Walmart eGift Card? Here’s how you can do it:


Walmart’s Official Website

  • First, visit the Walmart’s official website at
  • Click the “Gift Cards” section on the homepage.
  • On the next page, tap the “E-Gift Cards” option.
  • There, you can select your preferred gift card.
  • And complete the payment to get it today.

You can also buy Walmart E-Gift Cards from other platforms such as PayPal, Amazon, and other gift card sellers. So, don’t worry and make things easier by using the Walmart eGift Card.

How to Use Walmart eGift Card for Gas?

To use your Walmart E-Gift Card at a gas station affiliated with Walmart (Murphy USA Pumps), you need to follow these steps:


  • First, check your Walmart eGift Card balance online.
  • You may need to activate your card beforehand to make the transaction.
  • If everything’s good then present the digital code inside the pump.
  • And you will get your gas using the Walmart e-Gift Card successfully.

Walmart E-Gift Card Help

Have any questions or issues related to the Walmart Gift Card? Get assistance today.

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Well, that is all with the Walmart eGift Card. That answers your question; Can I use Walmart eGift Card for Gas? We have provided all the information in this post after researching it. If you find it misleading or false, let us know. We will take your suggestions into account.

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