Are Kroger Employees Unionized?


Are Kroger Employees Unionized?

Both yes and no. The majority of Kroger locations have a union contract that guarantees pay and working conditions, but others do not. Although the UFCW represents workers in two-thirds of all Kroger Stores nationwide, we think all Kroger Employees should have union representation.

Benefits of Kroger Union

Following are the Kroger Union Benefits.

  • You and your co-workers can negotiate benefits
  • Compatible raises and schedules
  • Affordable healthcare plans
  • Workplace safety standards

And remember, having a union means an advantage in numbers. Most of the time, if your demands are reasonable, they are accepted by the company.

How to Join or Start Kroger Union?

To start or join a Kroger Union, you can talk to your co-workers and persuade them to join or create a new Kroger Employee Union. To do so, you can click the link below and fill out the UFCW Form to submit your application and have their support.

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