7 million American Men Are ‘done’ Looking for Work


After the Covid hit, the number of men applying for jobs has decreased quite a bit. According to Mike Rowe, “7 million American men are ‘done’ looking for work and have ‘punched out”. That is why America is facing a shortage of workers, especially men.

In addition to that, the other reason for this predicament is the illness and weakness caused by the waves of Covid. But some individuals are just lazing around and don’t want to work. And in this group, most of the men are of the “Prime Age”.

So it’s not the old people, it’s the youngsters that are avoiding work. It’s not that there are not enough job openings. There are plenty of jobs you can find and apply for very easily. But the downfall of the mentality is causing this decrease in the workforce.

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If this post helps you in any way, we will be happy to do that.

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