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Feed Kroger Login is an Employee Web Portal designed for Employees of Kroger Company. Employees can perform Login via https//feed.kroger.com to check the schedule online.


Employees just need a EUID & Password when they open feed.kroger.com web portal. EUID is Enterprise User ID and Password which is given by your Store Manager.

Employees are requested not to share their EUID and Password with anyone. Always check if the Web Portal redirects to the HTTPS version instead of HTTP in order to Login Feed Kroger Securely.

Feed.Kroger.com My Schedule Login Details

Feed Kroger Login Purpose Employee of Kroger Check Schedule.
Kroger Feed Login Portal Address feed.kroger.com
Kroger Eschedule Login Requirements Employee EUID and Password.
What about Kroger MyStubs? Employees can easily check their PayStubs.
Feed Kroger Customer Support 1 (800) 576-4377

feed kroger login homepage

Requirements to Check My Kroger Eschedule

To perform login for Kroger ESchedule or Kroger ESS Schedule, Employees must follow some basic requirements. Employees must remember their EUID and Password. Please note that Kroger is the largest Supermarket Chain in the USA. It’s very easy for the employees to see their working hours, apply for holidays, and set any other work schedules.

Please follow the below requirements for Login Eschedule Employee easily:

  1. Kroger Enterprise User ID (EUID)
  2. Password
  3. Mobile or Laptop
  4. Internet Connection
  5. Web Browser

Kroger Employee Scheduling

Rules to Check Feed Kroger Employee Schedule

Follow the rules listed below to access Feed.Kroger.com My Schedule Login.

  • Only Kroger Employees can perform Kroger E-Schedule Login.
  • Employees’ Enterprise User ID (EUID) and Password are working.
  • Please Note that perform Sign In only if the website URL is feed.kroger.com
  • Keep your EUID and Password safe and don’t share them with anyone.

More For Kroger Employees

Steps to Perform Feed.Kroger.com Work Schedule Login

You need to follow some steps to successfully perform login into Kroger My Feed Schedule easily:

  • The employee must see 2 Fields here at feed.kroger.com
    • Enter EUID in 1st Field

feed kroger login euid enter in 1st field

    • Enter Password in the 2nd field

enter your password in 2nd field kroger feed employee login

  • Click the “Remember My ID” option, if you want to save your login information.
  • At last, click on the “I Agree” button.

feed kroger employee login I Agree

  • Your Credentials will be validated.
  • After successful validation, you will be redirected to Kroger Schedule Portal.

Feed.Kroger.com App to Check and Apply for Work Routines

Well, Kroger Company also launched an application that is available for Android as well as for IOS. This app will help you apply for leaves and adjust your work schedules easily with the access of mobile. Access “FEED” from anywhere, instantly with EUID and Password. To download the FEED Mobile App, you can visit the below-mentioned links:

Employee Benefits at Feed.Kroger.com

You will get the following benefits by using the Feed.Kroger.com Schedule Login.

  • Employee work shifts and hours
  • Biodata of each employee
  • Compensation structure
  • Record of leaves and vacations
  • Upcoming training or seminars
  • Tax record and details
  • Health insurance and other employee benefits
  • Latest company policies and announcements

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As a Kroger Employee, there are a lot of things you will need. The most critical Kroger Employee Tools you may need are listed below.


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Kroger Feed Your Future Program

For young Kroger employees looking to continue their educational journey, Kroger has introduced the Kroger Feed Your Future Scholarship Program. You can complete your studies by applying for the Feed Your Future Reimbursement Program. Read the latest posts for more information regarding Kroger’s Feed Your Future Login.

Kroger W2 Form

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MyTime Kroger Login

Kroger Employees can get their training online at Kroger MyTime Login. Furthermore, they can also do some other tasks at MyTime.Kroger.com if you want to know more about MyTime.Kroger Schedule: All you need to do is read the MyTime Post on our website.

Employees of Kroger are going on a Strike due to the demands they put and almost all of the needs are legit. There are several discounts offered for the Employees of Kroger. Well, “My Kroger Feed” is the same as Kroger Feed, don’t mix these. Kroger My Feed is checking Your Employee Work Schedule online via the Feed Kroger’s Android / IOS Application.

Kroger Feed Schedule Contact Details

Reference Links

  • MyTime Kroger Login: Feed.Kroger.com
  • Official Kroger Website: www.kroger.com


  • Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to midnight EST
  • Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM EST

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Final Words

These are all the steps required to access Kroger Feed Login. Make sure to read and follow the steps as they are given here. In addition to that, if you have any questions related to Kroger Feed Schedule, Feed.Kroger.com My Schedule Login, or My schedule Login, let us know via the comment section below. We will make sure to respond as soon as we can.